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I was hoping to find my answers in the several pages left but. OH GOD. What I found out is that they finally have sex, or make love, or explore the depths of each other, or whatever you want to call it. I love you. If I were to live a thousand years, I would belong to you for all of them.

The Retribution of Mara Dyer

If I were to live a thousand lives, I would want to make you mine in each one. Thank heavens for the epilogue. I got this line instead,. And I would never give up. I just have to keep going. The boys snickered. I am so done with this series. But I hope they will love each other against all odds and have a baby that will be destined for who-knows-what. Thank you Michelle Hodkin for making me confused, frustrated, creeped-out, paranoid, and all the feelings at once. I will never look at the mirror the same way because of you.

If you want to read more book reviews from this blog, just click here. And you could also find my reviews in Goodreads. I read your reviews of this book series from book 1 to this post. I totally agree with you. I read this book series in one seating. I was scared, paranoid, creeped out and a lot of negative twirling emotions… I felt so tired and drained after reading this. Thank God.. Like Liked by 1 person.

Just a normal mirror, I thought, but then the glass went dark. An image of a girl, or something that had once been a girl, materialized out of the blackness.

Her skin glowed bronze, and shadows flickered over her face. She was blurred and indistinct, as if someone had spilled a glass of water over a painting of her and the colors had started to run. And then the girl lifted her chin and looked directly at me. When she opened her mouth again, the only sound that came out was static. Her smile was just a smear of white. But there is something wrong with your memory of her. The three of us lit them before taking out the Ouija board. Then she lifted one of them to her nose.


EXCLUSIVE: Something Is Very Wrong In This Excerpt From 'The Retribution of Mara Dyer' - MTV

Her arm ended at her wrist. The girl in the mirror shrugged. Not all of your memories are like this. Look left. I did, expecting the new mirror I was staring at to go dark too. I watched my reflection as the ends of my hair bled from dark brown to red, until it was red to the roots.

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Claire sat up, and her image split off, separated from mine. The bright light in the mirrored room flickered and went out. Roots cracked the concrete floor beneath my bed. They grew into trees that scratched the sky. When Claire spoke, her voice was normal. She was whole. My mouth went dry at the sound of his name.

I glanced up and followed her gaze to the mirrored wall to my right; Jude appeared in it. I saw him standing in the center of a manicured Zen garden, with huddled, hunched people arranged around him like rocks. Jamie and Stella were among them. He held Stella by her shining black hair.

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I could see the veins in his hands, the pores in his skin. Every feature, every detail of him was clear. I felt a flare of rage. But when I looked again, there was a different image of him in the mirror. He was pushed against a bare white wall, a hand gripping his throat.

The hand belonged to me.

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  7. I looked back up at the ceiling and the girl in it. I looked down at my wrists, at my ankles. No restraints. Noah gives Mara a jewelry box and they have a cute date and also an argument but mostly a date.

    [WORTH THE HYPE?] The Mara Dyer Trilogy

    Kells wants Mara to go on a HOP retreat. Mara has another vision where she needs to free some animals. She is an animal version of Spartacus. She calls Noah to tell him. Then she is casually watching some footage from the asylum when she is kidnapped by Jude. The water is full of dead fish. Mara is hospitalised. Noah gets himself put in there too. Mara is meant to meet him but she sleeps through it. In the morning, Phoebe screams and accuses Mara of trying to hurt her.

    Noah and Mara break into Dr. Phoebe is found dead in her bed. Noah and Mara try to get out but the doors are all locked. All of the adults seem to have disappeared, along with most of the teenagers. Noah and Mara go outside, and find that Jude has tied a bunch of the teens up. He starts to torture Stella to provoke Mara. Stella can read minds.

    She tells Mara that Jude thinks that she Mara, I told you this is complicated can bring back the dead. Jude has been trying to provoke her to do it. Noah attacks Jude and hurts him. Mara figures out that Jude can sort of suck the life out of other people to heal himself when he is in pain. Mara starts to leave with Jude and then sees Noah and changes her mind.

    She brings the building down around her. She feels Noah next to her, but she blacks out. She wakes up drugged with Dr. Kells shows her a chart with all the teenagers with a special gene that gives them special abilities. Kells tells Mara that she has been given truth serum.

    Goodreads Summary:

    Mara vows to create hell when she breaks free. Posted by Amber. Amber Books of Amber says:. Tari says:. Kla says:. Rachel Vaughn says:.