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By Isaac Chotiner. What had brought them here? By Alexandra Schwartz. The show is a charming diversion and an estimable pseudo-event—a see-now-buy-now spectacular for the society of spectacle. By Troy Patterson. By Hannah Goldfield. By Shauna Lyon. By Yemisi Aribisala. The front woman of Alabama Shakes explains why she had to make a solo record. The puzzle creator and film critic Kameron Austin Collins likes to put a little spin on his clues.

Culture Desk The Controversial Use of Rap Lyrics as Evidence The use of hip-hop in the court of law requires an intellectually dishonest reading of what art is and of the function it serves for both creator and audience. The Critics Books. A Critic at Large. The Art World. On Television. The Latest Double Take. The Front Row. Cultural Comment. I think that might mean when the book was originally published in German, but not this edition of it.

I'm pretty sure it hadn't been translated into English before now. Well, it has been in print for 12 years, and probably the ones who voted for it read it in German.

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Dec 17, PM. Any way we can remove the two T. Obvious and shameless self-promotion is one thing, but this is ridiculous. Jan 12, PM. Walser died in , btw. So the only thing that can possibly be a NYRB original there is the translation Jun 15, AM.

Ran out of votes. Why are these limited to books? Jun 15, PM.

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Happens to me too, alas, on some lists. Moira wrote: "Ran out of votes. Start a thread in Feedback, and I'll join in. Jun 17, PM. Or wait. Dec 02, PM. Hi Everyone! I went through and completed the list. Barring human error, the list is now complete. We will just need to keep up with it as new titles are released. I used 91 of my votes. I planned on taking over my husbands account to finish the list if I ran out. Oct 30, PM. I deleted the Fontana edition sorry. Please vote for the edition above.

I also deleted the Puffin edition of Pinnochio.

Feb 18, PM. Thanks for this list. Jul 06, PM. As a result, several books I voted for have vanished. Several children's books, as well as Opera and the Morbidity of Music. Is this what the list creator intended? Seems like an executive decision was made without getting input from the voters. I would have liked for the list to remain as it was.

Jul 07, AM. Did the list creator request it, or something? It has clearly changed - I have looked at the librarian's log. Jul 07, PM. I don't know if he knows about it, or requested it. Hopefully he can chime in. Oct 04, AM. Nov 12, PM. Great list. Hopefully by the end of next year I'll have read some more of those on my tbr. Feb 03, PM. Finally I get here. I start telling people about pre-war Romania and they think I'm nuts, but I'm not!! Taking a break sort of with "Redeployment".

In just a few words, such a mind blowing-ly different war. Glad to join you, Cathy. Feb 04, PM. Glad someone else decided not I need to count mine, their all on Kindle. Mar 16, AM.

Plus these books are so handsome to look at. Apr 01, AM. May 04, PM. The other day I realized I could get pretty much all of these books for much less than the typical engagement ring. Everyone should do that instead!

"Girl, Wash Your Face," by Rachel Hollis

Oct 12, PM. No, I did not ever request for a title change and I'd have preferred it to include their children's and newer books too. I've been entirely absent though. Is there a way to transfer ownership to someone more attentive to these lists? Well, GR considers Listopias to be owned by the community rather than the list creator. I someone disagree as I maintain a proprietary feeling toward many of the lists I create.

So in your case if you don't want anything more to do with the list and decisions concerning it, just say so I guess you just did and other people can step in. But there's no way to remove yourself as list creator unless you leave GR or delete your account or something along those lines.


My Face for the World to See

Really this list needs pretty much zero maintenance, as people are good about only adding the proper books, unlike a lot of other lists. Lobstergirl wrote: "No, the more popular one will stay on the list. The cover will always change to the more popular edition if votes are merged, for example. And sometimes it changes to the most popular edition for no known reason. Susanna - Censored by GoodReads wrote: "And sometimes it changes to the most popular edition for no known reason.

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