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Rowland had been forced to step down, allowing Barr to lead his clan until the young boy who was true laird was old enough to lead.

And no one thought it was suspicious that such a power hungry asshat just stepped down with no problems? So Barr is acting laird for the next decade or so til the actual laird who's like 16 can grow up. Meanwhile, we have Sabrine looking for the stone, Barr growling "you're my mate," Sabrine screwing him that night, but then up til the last few pages disagreeing she's his mate-they can mindspeak, and all the other little true mate tricks, and yet she denies it to the end.

And all the internal clan drama that made for a more interesting storyline than the love story. Very frustrating story. The whole thing had so much going on that could have been used instead of focusing so much on Sabrine and Barr.

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So of course Barr finds out Sabrine's a raven luckily early on ,and he's okay with that. But then he also finds out she's been plotting to leave him once she gets that stone, he's NOT okay with that. But the biggie? Even Sabrine will say finding your true mate is a sacred thing and so rare no mate should ever leave the other.

But this is exactly what she plans because she doesn't trust Barr who has proved his worth above and beyond in my opinion. So this book was all over the place.

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I enjoyed parts of it, but really it was just a light read. And I wouldn't recommend reading it as a standalone. You'll be confused. Likes: -Barr's twin brother and his same sex mate were back -the dragon image -the clan dynamics and drama -how the new laird and his second dealt with the elders of the clan One thing I really liked was the ending. It was a way too neat and convenient ending, but I really liked the concept of Sabrine's brother and what could happen in the future with him. View 2 comments. Feb 06, Melindeeloo rated it really liked it Shelves: shapeshifters , paranormal-romance.

Sabrine is a bird shifter - a race Barr's home clan of wolf shifters believes to be just a legend from the past. So when the Barr finds the strange woman naked and bleeding in the woods, he can sense her otherness and assumes she's wolf shifter. Though the injury was not part of the plan, it's worked to Sabine's advantage to gain her admittance to the enemy camp to search for a missing talisman which is vital to the survival of people. Because even though the Barr's people don't realize bird shi Sabrine is a bird shifter - a race Barr's home clan of wolf shifters believes to be just a legend from the past.

Because even though the Barr's people don't realize bird shifters exist - their are others among the dysfunctional clan over which Barr holds stewardship who are aware of their existence and who are actively working toward their extinction. I liked the main romance. It is satisfying to see Sabrine go from hating the race who slaughtered her parents and friends to realizing that not all of the wolves are evil and that Barr is a noble man she just can resist. But though she accepts the physical part of there relationship, her duty blinds her to the true depth of their connection and there is an especially moving part late in the book when Barr anguishes of the impact her denial will have on his future.

And as an added bonus there is a nice little romance between secondary characters. Originally, Monroe had planned Moon Children stories in both the past and the present, hopefully we'll see more from her in the not too distant future. Mar 19, Chris rated it it was amazing. Great book, wasn't sure how she was going to pull of a third book, but she did, it was as good as the first too, kept my attention all the way.

Hope there are more to come Jun 09, Zeek added it Shelves: hist-rom , hist-pnr , pnr , romance , dnf. I give. After almost a month, I cant seem to get into it, so either I'm done or I'll have to come back to it later DNF Two syllablys sounds like bore and ring. You get the idea.

For Children with This Rare Life-Threatening Skin Condition, Sunlight Can Kill

View all 3 comments. This series is really coming into its own, opening up new shifter races previously unknown, as well as a grander story arc that I am excited to see play out. Really looking forward to the next book! Jun 30, Sandy M rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal. I lovelovelovelove this series by Lucy Monroe. And Moon Burning is my favorite so far.

For 'Moon Children,' Sunlight Can Kill |

So much conflict between them, but also so much heat, emotion, respect, and admiration I lovelovelovelove this series by Lucy Monroe. So much conflict between them, but also so much heat, emotion, respect, and admiration. Barr has been sent by the Sinclair laird to lead the Donegal people and to train their young heir to be the future laird of their rundown, fearful clan. Her people have kept their lives separate and secret from others like them. Sabrina has sacrificed everything in her life to be the warrior she now is to keep their world safe from those who would destroy them - Faol.

She goes a step further, decides to infiltrate the Donegal clan, knowing someone there has to be the one who stole the legacy that keeps her people from dying out. The roadblock she runs into is Barr. I love reading about these two characters.

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Sabrine is right, Barr is arrogant but he wears it humbly. Sabrine, little by little, has to let go of her prejudices against wolves and also let go of her warrior self just a tad to give herself permission to love, to have a life of her own. And she has to trust. Especially her new-found wolf. She almost waits too late to do that totally. Monroe does a wonderful job of showing his emotion in that scene. And speaking of the former laird, what a piece of evil work he is. At least those who are worth their salt. The others who still fear for their lives have to be wooed, and Barr is very good at that.

There are beautiful little nuggets like these throughout the book - the that pull everything together for such an emotional, humorous, magical, and romantic read. I lovelovelovelove her work! View 1 comment.

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Jan 26, Bookaholics rated it really liked it. In this book, two shifters from rival clans are attracted to each other and spark contention and deep secrets. The Chrechte are powerful shifters but the prior books have only dealt with the most prosperous, the wolves. Now it is revealed that there are also bird shifters. But they have been hunted by the wolves of different clans who were jealous of their unique powers. The bird-shifters seems doomed as they are hunted to near-extinction and their sacred stone stolen. A warrior and raven shifter, Sabrine keeps a look out for the dangerous wolves that seek to kill them.

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