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The terms West and Western in this article refer to European societies themselves and to post-Columbian societies influenced by European concepts.

Meaning of Witchcraft

One thing is certain: the emphasis on the witch in art, literature, theatre, and film has little relation to external reality. False ideas about witchcraft and the witch hunts persist today. Witches were not a persecuted minority, because witches did not exist: the people hurt or killed in the hunts were not witches but victims forced by their persecutors into a category that in reality included no one.

The witch hunts did not prosecute, let alone execute, millions; they were not a conspiracy by males, priests, judges, doctors, or inquisitors against members of an old religion or any other real group.


In many ways, like their counterparts worldwide, early Western sorcerers and witches worked secretly for private ends, as contrasted with the public practice of religion. Witches or sorcerers were usually feared as well as respected, and they used a variety of means to attempt to achieve their goals, including incantations formulas or chants invoking evil spirits , divination and oracles to predict the future , amulets and charms to ward off hostile spirits and harmful events , potions or salves, and dolls or other figures to represent their enemies. Witches sought to gain or preserve health, to acquire or retain property, to protect against natural disasters or evil spirits, to help friends, and to seek revenge.

Sometimes this magic was believed to work through simple causation as a form of technology. Often the magic was instead an effort to construct symbolic reality. Sorcery was sometimes believed to rely on the power of gods or other spirits, leading to the belief that witches used demons in their work.

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Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Like 11, as long as fire stays on an even keel, it offers warmth, safety, community and a sense of continuity. When it is left unattended, however, it can harm or burn itself out. As with the other elements, fire has more than one dimension. The form that fire takes creates the vibrational characteristic for specific types of magic:. Candle Flame : an all-purpose magical tool for marking sacred space, divination, symbolizing Spirit, spellcraft and so much more. Candles are a gentle fire embodying more of the warmth and love of the fire element than its explosive nature.

Candles are common in wish magic.

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Hearth Fires : The hearth fire stove is the heart of a home. As such work magic for family and kin here — for peaceful homes and abundant happiness. Bonfire : Jumping a bonfire symbolizes moving from one part of life to another. It was also an ancient rite for healing. In a community setting, a bonfire is a place of gathering and mutual celebration of the human spirit. Sparklers : What a dazzling form of fire!

Sparklers speak of celebration and special occasions.

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Visually they resemble stars so might be useful in wishing magic. Torches or Lanterns : Tools that light our way in the darkness. Many rituals use a torch or lantern light for marking the beginning and end of the event.

Some spells call for lighting a lighting a lantern or candle at dawn to begin energy and putting it out at dusk to dispel it or end it. Flash Paper : This is a very fun and functional tool used by stage magicians for creating visual effects. Self Lighting Charcoal : A symbol of inactive fire potential , this is a wonderful tool on which to burn homemade incense in a small, controlled space. Wood Fires : Be it indoors or out, wood fires have the extra symbolic association designated by the kind of tree from where the wood originates. For example,, apple is for health, happiness, and youth; Birch for new beginnings, cleansing and vision; Cherry for luck, love and good fortune; and Maple represents down-to-earth magic and wisdom.

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Be careful how you direct that kind of power. Ashes : The ashes from a sacred fire carry the energy created at that working.


When one chooses the path of Fire Magic or more often it chooses them be ready for some pretty intense challenges. The Fire Witch must be as brave, bold and strong as the element they represent. There is literally a belly of fire on this path. That means whatever a Fire Witch does, he goes in full-on. Like the embers in their soul, the Fire Witch sparkles and shines. Watch him roll! Even so, this witch has a sincerely warm heart. In relationships, sensuality is the name of the game.

In his or her home environment, the Fire Witch enjoys colors that reflect the complexity of embers — warm yellow, red, black, orange. The house needs to be tidy an improperly banked fire is asking for trouble. The earliest forms of fire divination began with burnt offerings. As the smoke rose toward the heavens, seers watched its movements, aromas, etc. A sweet smell, for example, meant a happy reception. Many types of pyromancy developed among the ancients. These included observing the way an object burned in a fire as we might a spell component , observing the way in which a paper burns, and one of the all-time favorites candle observation.

You can try your hand at candle burning using any taper you have available. Light the candle and focus on that query. Steadily burning candles portend good news about your question.

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If the wax drips on the left of your candle — stop. That means no. Conversely, candle drippings on the right are a positive answer. This ritual is intended to help you attune yourself to the energies of fire more intimately. Enact this under the light of a noonday sun. Gather items that represent the element of fire to your mind and take them with you outside.

You may also want to wear clothing or jewelry that reflects fire colors. Put your symbols down well within your line of sight. If you have something that burns like incense, light it now.

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Breathe deeply and slowly until your perception of this setting increases. Come share this sacred space with me that I might learn. Help me to know your ways of speaking to my heart.