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This KPI is calculated by dividing your total sales for a period by your average accounts receivable for that period. This number can serve as an alert that corrections need to be made in managing receivables, in order to bring payment collections within appropriate timeframes.

Financial Performance

Inventory continuously flows in and out of your production and warehousing facilities. It can be hard to visualize the amount of turnover that is actually taking place. The inventory turnover KPI allows you to know how much of your average inventory your company has sold in a period. This KPI is calculated by dividing sales within a given period by your average inventory in the same period.

The KPI gives you a picture of your company's sales strength and production efficiency.

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By comparing your company's net income to its overall wealth, your ROE indicates whether or not your net income is appropriate for your company's size. Regardless of how much your company is currently worth its net worth , your current net income will determine its probable worth in the future. An improving, or high ROE clearly indicates to your shareholders that their investments are being optimized to grow the business.

Your Quick Ratio KPI measures your organization's ability to utilize its highly liquid assets to immediately meet your business's short-term financial responsibilities.

It is understood as a more conservative evaluation of a business's fiscal health than the Current Ratio, because calculation of the Quick Ratio excludes inventories from assets. While budget-linked KPIs are important, the ultimate indicator of a company's potential for long-term success is in its Customer Satisfaction quantification.

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The Net Promoter Score NPS is the result of calculating the various levels of positive response that customers provide on very brief customer satisfaction surveys. The NPS a simple and accurate measurement of likely rates of customer retention future sales to current customers across your revenue base, and of potential for generating referral business to grow that base.

Certain other KPIs should be tracked in specific operational areas of finance, marketing, production, purchasing, customer services, and others. For examples:. Blog Careers Login. Our Blog. Comments: 0. Operating Cash Flow Monitoring and analyzing your Operating Cash Flow is an essential for understanding your ability to pay for deliveries and routine operating expenses.

Working Capital Cash that is immediately available is "working capital". Debt to Equity Ratio Debt to Equity is a ratio calculated by looking at your business's total liabilities in contrast to your shareholders' equity net worth. LOB Revenue Vs.

What is financial performance management software?

Target This KPI compares your revenue for a line of business to your projected revenue for it. Financial reporting by Integration Authorities is aligned to their individual Board Meetings. These reports will be produced on a quarterly basis. Contacts Help Search:. Subscribe for updates Register to receive email news alerts, daily digest, weekly roundup or Topic newsletters.

This page is maintained by the Scottish Government Health Finance team. This refers to the cash available for daily operations. Some of the ratios discussed draw data from both the income statement and the balance sheet.

Financial performance - Example - ACCA Financial Reporting (FR)

These examples continue using the published data from Target for the calculations. Note that all figures are presented in millions of dollars. The money Target earns from selling a T-shirt, minus what it paid for that item—known as the cost of goods sold, or COGS—is called gross profit.

Sales minus COGS, divided by sales, yields the gross profit margin. This is gross profit minus operating expenses minus depreciation. It is also called EBIT earnings before interest and taxes.

What Are the Types of Financial Ratios Used to Analyze Financial Performance?

Use the total derived in the previous step and divide it by total sales. If you find this number to be low, either raise revenues or cut costs. It may help to analyze which of your customers are the most profitable and concentrate your efforts there.

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Net earnings divided by total revenue yields the net profit margin. This stands for return on assets and measures how much profit a company is generating for each dollar of assets.

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Calculate ROA by dividing the revenue figure from the income statement by assets from the balance sheet. The same idea as above, but replacing assets with the equity. Many businesses experience a lag between the time they bill customers and when they see the revenue. This may be due to trade credit or because customers are not paying. This means that, on average, it takes Target 38 days to collect on its accounts. If you find your business has a healthy balance sheet but is short on cash, increase collection on outstanding accounts. The cash flow statement discloses how a company raised money and how it spent those funds during a given period. Generally speaking, if a company is consistently bringing in more cash than it spends, that company is considered to be of good value. A cash flow statement is divided into three parts: operations, investing and financing.

The following is an analysis of a real-world cash flow statement belonging to Target Corp.