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You can easily get to Scotland by road from the rest of Britain.

Day Trips from London - Explore with a BritRail Pass

Coach services duplicate many train routes, often with much cheaper ticket prices. The frequency of service is often similar to that of the train, although longer distance journey times are usually much longer by coach.

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From Manchester or York, travelling time is about 2 hours while from Bristol, it is approximately 7 hours. VisitScotland uses cookies to enhance your experience on our website. By using our website you consent to our use of cookies. Please read our privacy and cookies statement for more information. Forth Bridge, South Queensferry. Add to basket Remove from basket Plus Minus. By train From London Glasgow and Edinburgh are both served by frequent direct train services from London , and are easily reached from other main English towns and cities, though you may have to change trains en route.

A yearly fee gets you discounted prices on all train rides across the country.

3 Days in London: A Perfect 72 Hour London Itinerary

Walk — UK cities are accessible and easy to walk around. Opt for a walking tour to save money and see all your favourite sites. Websites like universityrooms. Many of their hostels offer family rooms as well, ideal for families or group travellers on a budget. These hotel chains are in all major cities and towns and can also be found in the service stops off major motorways. Local buses are convenient and inexpensive so booking hotels on the outskirts of towns may work out quite a bit cheaper.

In the UK, Caravans are popular for those wanting to park up in the coast or national parks. Caravan Parks are cheap and often offer restaurants, cafes, bars and even performances. There are lots of websites that allow you to search for the perfect Caravan for your trip. Camp in My Garden offers travellers a place to set up a tent or park a caravan in the homes of locals. Do your research — There are some amazing, cheap hotels around the UK. Do your research — use tripadvisor, booking. Historic Scotland Explorer Pass — Scotland is an incredible place with so many castles, abbeys, ancient sites and museums.

So save money by purchasing an Explorer Pass! Pick up a pass to save money if you plan to visit a few. Museums in London are completely free to enter as are many castles, National Parks and Hike trails around the country. Prices online can be purchased at a reduced rate whilst also saving your ideal time slot.

15 dreamy day trips from London

Travelodge and Premier Inns can be found in and around most towns and cities across the UK with decent private rooms at affordable prices. Wetherspoon pubs offer cheap alcohol and food whilst chain restaurants are unfortunately often cheaper than independently run restaurants in the smaller cities around the UK. Food in England is ridiculously expensive compared to most other countries in Asia, the Americas and even Europe.

Welcome to London

Plan ahead and use tripadvisor, blogs and google maps to locate and choose one or two great restaurants in your chosen area in your price range. Food at service stations are also expensive so make yourself sandwiches or budget for these extra prices. When it rains, it pours and puts you off getting all dressed up for a fancy dinner. JustEat and HungryHouse are websites that allow you to search the menus of nearby restaurants who will deliver to your address.

You can compare prices and read reviews on the website before ordering anything. Available in the major cities, this app is ideal for last minute dining. It offers you great discounts and deals at top local restaurants and reserves your chosen restaurant in seconds — helping you save money and time. If you want a treat, head to these restaurants at lunch for a cheap lunch menu! Voucher Cloud uses your location to share restaurant and attraction offers as well as supermarket deals. These are often tasty, interesting and a lot cheaper than fine dining options.

Alcohol can be pricey in the UK but there are some great meal options for a pie and pint!

Transport in London - Getting Around London -

Plus, you get to eat the delights of British food! My personal favourite has to be Wetherspoons! Many offer great promotions and happy hours, especially on the weekends. Torgeir Lindland March 15, Kristine March 15, Katie March 16, Christine K March 16, Ticking the Bucketlist March 16, While that means the food has improved considerably in the past 20 years see below , it also means that there are people who don't speak English in places, so just be aware of common courtesy.

Also, many words have different meanings. One time, my partner was visiting London when his daughter was a child, and she ordered eggs and soldiers for breakfast. He kept asking for the soldiers, and it wasn't until the confused waiter delivered a third order of toast that they figured out he was expecting a painted toy; "soldiers" are what the English call the little toast strips children dip into eggs.

Tea doesn't mean there's just tea though there always is!

West England

Theatres have circles and stalls instead of orchestras and balconies, and there are myriad other examples. As you may know, in the UK, they drive on the left. If you're driving locally, make sure you do, too! They also walk or stand on the left, so you need to as well unless you're passing others, especially on escalators. In the Tube during rush hour, you can really mess up the swift, wide streams of foot traffic unless you observe this rule, so keep your wits about you and follow the flow.

Putting your fork and knife together in the middle of the plate is the only way to acknowledge you are finished eating. If you have learned, for example, to cross your fork and knife at the top of the plate, it will sit there because a waiter will presume you aren't finished. Ask for ice if you must, but beer is drunk at room temperature, and ice means a cube or two, not a glass full of ice. Try not to complain; we just sound like ugly Americans, and it's simply a different custom.

Drinking is very big in the UK; practically a national pastime. You will see the bars -- or pubs, as they call them -- overflowing as the locals spill over into the street on a warm evening. Since most people drink, pubs are good for anyone over the drinking age of 18, and you can find every generation enjoining a pint almost everywhere. Drugs are highly illegal, and though if you choose to visit Notting Hill Carnival you can certainly smell pot drifting over the crowd, as a tourist you are taking a big risk in indulging in any drugs.

There are a lot of places to go clubbing in London, and the nightlife is extremely vibrant, so enjoy! It's relatively safe on the streets, even late at night, but always watch your purse. England as a rule is quite safe, but please do take all the usual precautions, especially if you are in the larger cities.

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  • My mother, who has lived in London since I was 7, is always cautioning me not to keep my cell phone out or even in my hand while I am on the street, and she is adamant about keeping bags zipped up in public and one eye on my purse at all time. So there - you've been warned by my mum!! A cancelled flight can ruin a vacation. The UK has wonderful health coverage for the locals; even if you have insurance, you may be required to pay out of pocket for any services you need, but excellent medical services are readily available.

    Note that the travel insurance you buy for a few dollars with your plane ticket may not cover you fully for your trip, especially if you're not on a tour. So read the fine print -- you have a short cancellation period once you purchase the insurance. In addition, many wall sockets feature an on-off power switch, so you want to ensure the red "on" is showing if the switch seems dead.

    If you are coming from almost anywhere, you will need a power converter. Like many foreign countries, it will be far cheaper for you to buy or bring a small cell phone with no bells and whistles and get a local number than it will be for you to use your own cell phone -- which will likely cost hundreds of dollars in extra roaming charges and fees before you are done.